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Current projects

Design of the HP Brežice and HP Mokrice riverside in the Vrbina area

The outline scheme for the recreational, turistical and water regulations in the Brežice and HP Brežice vicinity was prepared on the basis of needs and demands of Brežice commune, considering the winning proposal at the Europan 8 Brežice competition. The spatial-technical findings in the frame of outline scheme solutions were also considered.

Preinvestment spatial-technical documentation for the hydroplants in the central section of Slovenian Sava river

In cooperation with the Faculty for Civil Engineering of University of Ljubljana, GEATEH runs the final phases of making the preinvestment spatial-technical documentation for the design of hydroplants in the central section of Slovenian Sava river. This chain of hydroplants will link the upper and lower Sava river regions. This should suffice for the peak demands of electrical energy in Slovenia.Other benefits are: improvement in the field of water supply, more efficient water resourcing, improvement of measures to keep the water clean and last but not least, to improve river flood protection.

Arrangement of environmental licences for the devices that cause industrial pollution (IPPC)

As external team of experts, GEATEH (in cooperation with the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia) is collaborating in a field of publishing environmental licenses for the devices, that could cause severe environmental pollution. (IPPC devices). Main tasks in this field are to check if the applications (neccessary to gain environmental license) suffice, to prepare drafts for environmental licenses, etc.

Environmental report for bypass Škofljica

The development of the environmental report for the Škofljica bypass is a special challenge for the GEATEH company. Two out of three possible courses are crossing the Ljubljana swampland, which is a part of NATURA 2000 areas. Thus it is essential to have as skilled approach as possible. Skilled approach requires a reestablishment of substitute habitats if the "Ljubljana swampland" course is to be chosen.

Odlagališče nizko in srednje radioaktivnih odpadkov (NSRAO)

Experts at GEATEH are currently developing an environmental report in the field of the national spatial planning of the radioactive waste (low- and medium hazard)  dumping ground.

Strategic environmental report for national spatial plan  (The Savinja River flood protection)

In the field of national spatial planning GEATEH participates at Savinja River - section (Ločica-Letuš). The main purpose of national spatial plan is to protect urban areas against floods.

SARIB (SAva RIver Basin)

The Sava River is the biggest tributary to the Danube River. The 95551 km2 large catchment is extended over Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. In the development of the river basin management plan all countries are already collaborating under the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) guidance. Our contribution to SARIB project is GIS and data management for the whole catchment area. You can download presentation from latest SARIB meeting here .

Application for Cohesion fund assistance

 "Hydraulic improvement of Ljubljana sewerage system" was succesfully completed and delivered to Intermediate body (Ministry for environment and spatial planning), in compliance with EU cohesion fund policy for the period 2004 to 2006. Implementation of project will prevent spilling over CSOs during rainfalls, discharge untreated waste water to CWWTP and prevent loading with nutrients of Ljubljanica river.

Water supply of Slovenian Istra and Karst

GEATEH is consultant engineer and technical support at Ministry for environment and spatial plannig (MOP) for project "Water supply of Slovenian Istra and Karst". GEATEH does technical assistance for project documentation preparation and consulting. Investment costs of project are 80 million euro.

Environmental protection
Water and wastewater management